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About IGNITE Connect


By fostering knowledge exchange between three main stakeholder groups, IGNITE Connect aims to facilitate a shift towards a more meaningful and purpose-driven business world. IGNITE Connect is a platform through which a connection between motivated students, practise partners (businesses), and academia can be forged. Our goal is to establish a continually expanding in-depth knowledge database, and promote and assist in the production of theses and research projects pertaining to the concept of purpose-driven business practises. 

“I am honoured to support IGNITE Connect by supervising Bachelor and Master theses.”
With IGNITE Connect the academic and business realms are brought together in such a way that the design, research, and testing of purpose- driven ideas is made possible. Connecting visionary companies with interested students creates a unique opportunity to use Bachelor and Master theses as a platform for surveying out-of-the-box ideas, analysing purposeful options, reflecting controversial alternatives, and prototyping evolutionary or revolutionary business models. Collaboration can ignite future success. 
Simon Pfister, Brand Ambassador of IGNITE Connect


Role and Expectations
- Provide a topic of interest in the field of purpose-driven business
- Grant insight into the business and provide access to relevant data
- Share knowledge on the desired topic

- Connection to motivated HSG students- vetted through IGNITE’s pre-selection process (screening)
- Customized research on the topic of interest
- Access to state-of-the-art academic data and research


Role and Expectations
- Shape the topic
- Proactively work with business partner and academia
- Undertake quality research on the chosen topic and write the thesis
- Present results to business partner

- Connection to practice partners (businesses) interested in exploring purpose-driven business practises and concepts
- Connection to quality academic partners
- Access to database containing pertinent research topics, data, and potential partners


Role and Expectations
- Supervise the students with the topic
- Provide academic support and guidance

- Access to committed students, guaranteed through IGNITE’s pre-selection process (screening)
- Connection to businesses interested in exploring themes from your particular research focus area

IGNITE Connect Business Partners

Are you interested in becoming a partner?  Drop a line to Boryana - bm@ignite-movement.com

IGNITE Connect Academic Partners


    If you are interested in getting to more about IGNITE Connect, want to take part and contribute to the IGNITE Movement on our way to a more meaningful business world, drop a line onconnect@ignite-movement.com . We will be in touch within 24 hours.